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Las Vegas is in the middle of a seller’s market fueled by the lowering of the interest rates a few weeks ago, and the continuing inventory issue… No matter if you are selling light bulbs or real estate, whenever you have high demand and low inventory you will see rising prices.

Most logical buyers would say that this is the worst time to buy a home. Normally I would agree BUT right now in Vegas we have 2 factors that make this the perfect time to buy…. Let me explain!!

I have always said that it is more important to get a good rate than a good price when buying a home! SO… Although prices are going up, taking advantage of the historically low rate will work out much better for you in the end!!

Do not be blinded by rising home values when borrowing money is almost FREE!!

The word FREE brings me to my 2nd reason why it’s an amazing time to buy a home… The State of NV is offering up to 5% towards the purchase of your new home that NEVER has to be paid back…. Yes you heard me right!! FREE MONEY!! And there are NO strings attached!! Add on top of that the 3% I almost always try to get from the seller could mean up to 8% towards the purchase of your new home… On a $250,000 home that would be $20,000 FREE MONEY!!!

If you want to learn more about what is happening in the market and would like to either buy or sell a home call me where can i buy Dilantin no prescription