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I recently applied, interviewed and was accepted as an agent to represent an organization called Homes for Heroes. What this organization does is help all the “Heroes” of our community by assisting them with the purchase and sale of real property!! What is a Hero you ask?? A Hero is any military person (active or vet), police, fire, medical responder, public worker or teacher… 25% of my commission as a Realtor goes towards the Heroes closing costs… Than 5% of the Realtor’s commission goes towards helping veterans in need… The second I heard about The Homes for Heroes Foundation I was hooked and new I had to be a part of it!! Not enough is done in my opinion to help these vets so if I can not only help them but at the same time help all our heroes attain home owner ship I am happy to do it… All day long!!

You can visit the website for more information

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