High-Rise and Undervalued

I remember back in my partying days walking down South Beach, Florida and looking at all the high-rise condo for sale signs up & down the beach… It was 2005-2006 and the condo market in So Florida was crashing hard… It reminded me of exactly what we have been seeing in Vegas over the last 3-4 years… TONS of inventory available at super low prices… I remember seeing prices in the low 100’s right on the beach!! Not much different than a few years ago when high-rise condo units on the strip were in the mid 100’s… But when you look at the condo market in South beach today they are smoking hot!! What a difference 10 years makes and now that almost all of that inventory has been bought up prices are back booming again… What does this have to do with Las Vegas?? EVERYTHING!! As we speak the Las Vegas high-rise condo market is on the rebound and all the over built buildings are selling out… Prices are starting to go up BUT I believe that the LV Condo market is still SEVERELY under valued for a few different reasons…

tmobileThose reasons can be summed up with 2 simply acronyms…. NHL & NFL… One has already been established and when the other one goes live it will be LIGHTS OUT on the LV Condo market on the strip… DO NOT wait to buy after that all happens… You can buy RIGHT NOW on the strip for under $300k… These are units that back in 2008 were selling for $800k-$1mil… When the LV Strip has a live NHL & NFL team you can bet your pockets are going to get FAT OVER NIGHT!!!

IMG_20150622_214312Even without a NFL team the simple expansion of the NHL team is going to send prices soaring here soon… It has already begun! And now you can own units on the strip using 5% down conventional financing (no points on non-condotell units) Banks are back to lending again and are offering some amazing incentives to help sell out… VEER and Turnberry still have developer units available so if you want to make a VERY secure investment into your future call me and lets make it happen 702-218-4585 DarylHanna@gmail.com or http://bit.ly/2bQQpaq