What is Holding You Back From Buying A New Home?

What is holding you back from owning a new home??
Now is the Time to Buy

With interest rates back at historically low levels I am wondering why more people are NOT taking advantage of such a low rate and buying a home!! I know all of us “REALTORS” come off as cheap used car salesman when we say “NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY” but I am here to tell you NOW REALLY is the time to buy a home… I really do not care (and neither should you) on what the market is going to do or not do… If you have a steady job and strong job history than you should own your own home and with interest rates so low NOW is the time to pull the trigger…

What are the biggest reasons potential buyers are not pulling the trigger?

Bad credit? Not enough money saved for down payment? Been burned on the last real estate crash in 2008? Short Sale or Foreclosure on your credit? Scared to buy because this is your 1st home? Waiting to see what happens with the elections? What ever the case we can overcome off of these most of the time pretty easily (sometimes not so easy) but the key thing is to get the ball rolling!! You need to sit down with an experienced loan officer that can sit down with you and develop a strong game plan and make the dream a reality… Bad credit can most of the time be fixed in 1-3 months! No $$ for a down payment? There are grants available from the State of NV that can get you up to 5% towards your down payment and closing costs… I can sometimes get the sellers to give you up to 3% towards your closing costs so that means it is possible to get you up to 8% towards the purchase of your new home… THAT NEVER HAS TO BE PAID BACK!!!! #FREEMONEY #WOW

If you are concerned about the market or if this is your 1st home than call me and lets sit down and talk about it… My doors are always open to anyone who wants to know about the market and what the steps are to buying a new home! We are ALL afraid of what we do not know so the key is to get yourself educated and lets get you into a new home!! Now really is the time to get it done before the rates go back up… And they WILL go back up!!


Moving to Las Vegas with Little Ones?

So the time has come for you to uproot your family and move to a new city. When it comes to moving, there are several things that can be nerve racking. Moving with kids makes it even more difficult. What school district will my kids be in? Where is the closest school? Where are the best schools?

Good thing you came across this blog because I am here to help! Clark County School District is the fifth largest district in the United States. It serves all cities including: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and Mesquite as well as census-designated places like Laughlin, Blue Diamond and many more smaller Nevada towns.

Moving to Las Vegas and surrounding areas and searching for a school can be overwhelming as there are  over 550 schools in the district!!! So… Where are the best schools?

Green Valley

Green Valley is a small community located in the northwest corner of Henderson, NV – an outskirt city of Las Vegas.  Green Valley is home to five elementary schools, with the highest rating being Nate Mack Elementary School coming in at number 71/331 in the state. The four remaining elementary schools range between 107 and 229.

Junior High and High School ratings get better for this community. Green Valley is the home to 2 out of 118 junior highs and 1 out of 108 high schools. #13 Greenspun Junior High and #38 Thurman White Junior High while Green Valley High is ranked number 26 in the state.


On the complete opposite side of town, Summerlin is located on the far west side of Las Vegas. It is home to seven elementary schools with the rankings ranging from #8 Linda R. Givens Elementary, down to #58, Richard H. Bryan Elementary.

Summerlin is home to four middle schools and two high schools. Schools include #1 Rogich Middle School down to number #53 Discovery Charter School (K-8). #5 West Career and Technical Academy is a magnet high school that offers nine programs to prepare students for a career in the  field selected. Palo Verde High School falls slightly behind ranked at 34/108.

Private Schools

Public school not for you? Clark County is home to over 112 private schools. Summerlin hosts over 10 private schools including Bishop Gorman High School and The Meadows School while Green Valley is home to four, including Green Valley Christian School.

Are you relocating to Las Vegas and still unsure of where you want to be? Contact me NOW 702-218-4585 darylhanna@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to help you with your home search!