Improving my Home’s Value

The seller’s market is smoking hot right now in Las Vegas. Some homes are getting over ten offers in less than 24 hours!! Talk about hot cakes! Now is the perfect time to capitalize on your home’s value, and here are a few ways you can…

Keep it Clean

1A house can NEVER be too clean. Keeping up on daily chores will not allow dirt and things to build up. If you stay on top of your maintenance, it will never become an issue for you.

2Easy on the Eyes

You should want your home to have curb appeal. If that means doing a little landscaping in the front yard or changing the color of your front door; It will all benefit you.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Even adding a simple 3back splash to the kitchen counter or change the paint on the walls, this will be a nice upgrade. The kitchen is the number one upgrade with the greatest return.

That Bathroom Too

Kitchen and 4bathroom upgrades can begin to get expensive.. but you do not truly have to spend tons of money to make these rooms beautiful. Switching out frosted glass on the shower for clear glass, swapping door knobs, faucets and cabinet pulls are all simple upgrades.

Be Patient, Trust your Real Estate Agent

Your realtor is obviously someone5 you trust, trust them when it comes to the upgrading of your home. They are the experts and will keep you well informed of the changes in the market.


Understanding the Market


What’s the difference between a buyer’s and seller’s market?


The real estate market is one of the more complicated markets with numbers fluctuating constantly. Investing in a home can be scary, but knowing the difference between a buyer’s and seller’s market can do one of two things. (1) Get you the best price for a new home or (2) Sell your home for top dollar.

Buyer’s Market
A buyer’s market is an economic situation in which homes are plentiful and buyers can keep prices down. More home are for sale in the given market than buyers. An advantage is that buyer’s can take their time on offers and weigh all options before purchasing a home. Home prices may go down because sellers may be anxious to sell.

Seller’s Market
A seller’s market is an economic situation in which homes are scarce and seller’s can keep prices high. An advantage in a seller’s market is prices rise and buyer’s quickly make an offer to secure property.

What determines a buyer’s and seller’s market?

Sales to Listing Ratio: Number of sales is compared to number of listings taken. If the result is 55% or higher, it is a seller’s market. If the results are 35% or lower, it is a buyer’s market.

Another way to gage the type of market… When most homes take more than six months to sell, it is a buyer’s market. When homes are selling in less than 24 hours, it is obviously a seller’s market.

With that being said

Homes are selling like hot cakes out here in Las Vegas, NV! I have been a true native of Las Vegas for over 44 years. I have been ranked in the top 1$ of Vegas Realtors in the last six years.

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