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We can all admit that when it’s finally time to move things get a little hectic. One thing that many people put off is notifying everyone about the move to ensure the transition is smooth.

Here is a reminder of a few parties that should be notified about your move. With this list, it should help you get everyone up to speed on where you are headed.

Probably the most important party to notify. You will be able to forward all your mail to your new address. The United States Postal Service makes it easy to change your address online or you can walk into the post office and fill out the change of address form.

Current Landlord
Typically landlords ask for a 30 day notice and can penalize you for moving before the end of your lease.

Friends & Family
I mean really, do you want to hear your friends and families fuss about you not letting them know about your new move? You could even make this announcement on social media.

Your employer will want an accurate address on file. If you are moving, and will be resigning from your job, it is always great to give your employer a two week notice.

Other parties that should be notified include:

Credit Card Companies
Insurance Providers
Your Pets Veterinarian and Kennel
Government Agencies
Bank or Credit Union
Other Financial Institutions
Medical Care Providers